Are you stuck? Do you feel anxious, sad, doubtful, or face changes in your life that feel too hard to handle? 

       “Confidence is a firm trust in your abilities

to achieve, get done, or set into motion,

 whatever you want.”

We are born into our precious lives and are surrounded by our families, cultures, take on roles, get up in the morning and live our lives day after day, year after year. One of our greatest desires in life is to be happy and once accomplished we want to hold on to and maintain this feeling.

But what does it really mean to be happy? How do we know that we are indeed on the 'right track' and live our purpose? Is it when we have the right career and earn a particular amount of money? Is it when we attract the right partner, have the children we want, be well, and manage to live in the right place? Is it when we can afford the right car, holiday, the particular comfortable standard in life? Is it when we become some sort of a hero? Or is it to be surrounded by the right people who respect and love us? Or is it the look in the mirror that will tell us whether we are happy or not?

And what happens when things change? What happens when we suddenly become ill, weak, sad, angry, loose a precious person, do not manage to keep up with a job or our parenting, our marriages, the process of ageing, the physical fitness, appearance, all the demands that seem to mount up and have the potential to destroy our sense of balance and satisfaction – our sense of self?

We lose confidence, our life force starts shrinking and we lose our spark. We fuel our doubt in parallel with losing more of our own trust and respect. We get stuck and we wish for answers to appear that might help us to get us back on track, to feel good, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Often we keep trying so hard to make it work and wonder why the desired outcomes fail to appear. Often we are too close to ourselves and can't see the tree in the woods.

This is the moment when you might want to have somebody non-judgemental and sincere on your side who can coach you through that difficult patch and help you feel confident again about you and about life.

Are you looking for somebody to coach and support you, to help you get back on track, someone with experience and the tools to help?  If you answered "YES" then this service is for you!