“My most difficult hurdle was asking for help, I have always tried to rely on myself, and while I like trying to 'help' others I am reluctant to ask for help for myself. My favorite part of the counselling was how Angela kept bringing the focus back to me as I really looked outwards, rather than inwards. I would definitely highly recommend Angela for counselling, as she managed to pick up on things quickly, and identify the character traits that were adversely affecting me. This allowed us to work on the things that mattered in which she could offer excellent suggested techniques, that once applied worked.”      Graham

          “The biggest fear was that I wouldn't receive the help I needed, that my struggles were too difficult and complicated. Instead I found the input and guidance from Angela something substantive. I received the support I needed to make changes and empower me to think, react and respond differently to difficult, emotional situations that have troubled me for years. Angela 'got me' and showed a real depth of understanding. I was realizing some things about myself with a fresh and new perspective - kind of like a light bulb moment. Learning to think about things differently is very freeing. If something is really plaguing you - your mind, your health, your relationships, inhibiting you from becoming all you can be - then talking with Angela will help untangle your feelings and your thinking - to clear a path forward so you can work towards an effective approach to dealing with whatever challenges have been tripping you up all your life and keeping you hostage.”      M.M.

             “My biggest fear was my own anxiety of being told I really am crazy.  I grew up being told counselling doesn't help and why waste your money? It was absolutely unfounded, Angela was so helpful and patient with me (even though I was very quiet).  It was like a light switch turned on and several things started to make sense.  I love the visual aspect that she used as well! If you want to talk to someone who is an outsider from your situation and to have someone help give you the confidence to be yourself and be more of the person you know and love, then absolutely go for it!”     L.M.

       “I thought at first counselling wouldn't help. However, it was helpful to have the ear and advice of a trained professional to help me see the wood for the trees. A big stumbling block for me had been not knowing how to break the issues down into manageable pieces. I found Angela's systematic, coherent approach to the problem very useful. Angela seems to have an impressive insight into unspoken issues and concerns. If you are struggling with a load of worries or confidence problems, she should be able to set you on the right path.”     Samuel

         “Thanks again for all your advice and help - you really have become a much valued 'coach' in my life, and I'm grateful to know you.”     L.P.

       “Thank you so much for your time and input into my life. I feel strengthened. I have a lot to work on    and feel you have pulled the cork out to enable me to see and handle things differently. If I get stuck            again, I will contact you.”     Monique

“My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be understood and that it would be emotionally tough.It did not come true. Angela not only understood me completely, she helped me step back from myself and I could finally see what was actually happening in my life. Everything suddenly made sense and I realized why I had been doing the things I was and doing and acting the way that I was. Further to this she offered tools and advice that when I followed, changed my life for the better.  I also just loved meeting with Angela every week as she is so lovely! If you are out there and hurting, do not listen to any fears or doubts, make a booking and go along to make the changes that you deserve.”        M.G.

"I had become frightened of and anxious about everything, and didn't think I was good enough for the life I was living. It had been exacerbated by menopause and extreme stress at work. I was able, through counselling, to believe in myself again. Angela gave me the tools I needed to work through my anxiety and reduce my stress levels. Angela helped me through a rough part of my life and gave me the confidence to start on a new path. There was no judgement, just understanding and a pathway back to feeling better about myself."         A.J.

"My biggest fear/hurdle was opening up and talking to someone I don't know. I find it hard talking to others about my anxiety. I still found it hard talking to someone I didn't know, but I did feel comfortable ad relaxed in the session. I found it easier to talk after each session. Angela was easy to talk to and gave me useful strategies on how to reduce my anxiety. Angela is easy to talk to, she listens and has a good understanding about anxiety."          C.M.

My biggest fear/hurdle was "being unsure whether it would be a waste of time and money. It did not come true, I feel like it was of value to me. I really enjoyed the grounding exercise, because I became really present in the moment. I valued Angela's insights to my insecurities. This work helped me gain awareness that I have choice and that it helped to get another perspective on how I feel from someone who has no agenda other than to support me and offer advice.           J.B.

My biggest fear was opening up to a total stranger and explaining my health related issues.  I didn't want to show my vulnerabilty to someone I met for the first time.  But surprisingly, within first half hour, I felt at ease with Angela.  She is lovely and very approachable....by the end of first session, I started feeling that I was almost being told off by Angela, for doing too much of what I was doing.  I went home a little frustrated thinking about the session.  But surprisingly I went back again.  By then I felt as if Angela is my friend and I was meeting her for a heart to heart chat. I found Angela using herself as example at times which was a good quality, she also would praise from time to time.  She gave me a good understanding of 'me' and untangled my thoughts. It was lovely meeting Angela, she has helped me guide through a rocky road of my life journey, specially at the time when my health has been affected.  She has given me new ways and strategies to overcome my grief.  Thank you Angela.     VSV